GSDF Covid-19 Policy

Dr Morné Strydom, MBChB, BSc (MedSci), MPharmMed, AC Clin Pharm (SA), PhD

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The German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa (GSDF) is strongly pro-vaccination and urges all its members that are not yet vaccinated to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

The GSDF supports and will follow Government protocols and directives regarding Covid-19 at all times. While it is unlikely that blanket vaccination will become compulsory, it is, however, highly probable that vaccination against Covid-19 in order to participate in certain activities will become mandatory as is happening in many parts of the world.

The GSDF will make vaccination obligatory as a prerequisite for participating in certain activities should the government so direct. Should this happen and a member is not vaccinated, it may be that the member may be excluded from participation in activities subject to mandatory vaccination. In such an event, proof of vaccination will be required. Bear in mind that it takes about two to three weeks after vaccination for immunity to develop.

A small number of members are anti-vaccination and, while the right not to vaccinate is recognised, non-vaccinated members are requested to in return respect the rights of the majority and not compromise the health and safety of those that are vaccinated.

Specifically, wearing of masks, social distancing and sanitization is strictly enforced and non-negotiable. Clubs have been requested to remove people from their premises if they are not adhering to these essential protocols.


The GSDF especially wishes to thank responsible members that have during Covid-19 unselfishly considered the rights of fellow members by adhering to Covid-19 protocols and have not jeopardised the safety and health of others.

By Order of the GSDF Council
28 August  2021