Important Notices

     The GSD Federation of SA wishes to make it clear that our rules prohibit the use of electric collars.    Disciplinary steps will be taken against members found using such collars.

       National Administrator (19-11-2017)

     GSDFSA statement re: Postponement of Arbitration KUSA  ( February 8 ,2017)
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           GSDFSA / KUSA

  1. Letter from the WUSV dated 14-01-2016

  2. Memorandum to GSDF Members re KUSA / WUSV Agreement

  3. Registration of Dogs by GSDF Members with KUSA

  4. Recognition of GSDF obtained IPO qualifications by FCI

  5. Participation in KUSA IPO Activities & Events

RE: X-rays and Veterinary Certificates by Dr Hans van der Zee and/or Bridge Veterinary Hospital  

Please be advised that the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa will no longer accept or recognise any X-rays taken via Bridge Veterinary Hospital, Pretoria or any practice Dr Hans van der Zee is involved in or recognise any Veterinary Certificates issued by him or through his practice Bridge Veterinary Hospital, Pretoria or any practice he is involved in. 

Should more details be required, they may be obtained from the Federation office. 

Frikkie van Kraayenburg, President 



  • Please note: entries for any event will only be accepted by the Federation if the member's membership and account is current and paid-up.
  • Notice to all stud dog owners


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