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The Events Calendar below lists all events clubs have applied to host as well as those organised by the Admin.


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Breed Surveys 2024
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Trial Results 2024
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National Breed Show Results 2023

Other show results are given in the Events Calendar below where applicable. These results are removed after three calander months.


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Events Calendar


January 2025

February 2024

    3 Johannesburg Breed Show; Judge Mr FJ van Kraayenburg Results
    Peninsula Breed Show Judge Herr Harald Hohmann (SV) Results
    10 Pinetown Breed Show; Judge Mrs L van Loggerenberg Results

March 2024

April 2024

16 & 17

Phoenix Breed Show Judge Herr Christoph Ludwig (SV) Results

26 - 28 National Breed Show Results

May 2024

June 2024

    1 Johannesburg IGP & BH-VT; Judge Ms BM Stanton Schedule
      Momenta: Breed Survey, Mr CC Thompson Schedule
    9 Momenta: No Frills Show; Judges, Messrs CC Thompson & C Levy Schedule
    14 - 16 National IGP Trial; Venue East London
4 & 5 Border: IGP & BH-VT; Judge Mr RM Thompson    
11 Johannesburg IGP & BH-VT; Judge Ms BM Stanton Schedule    

Pinetown: IGP, BgH, BH-VT; Judges Ms B Boston & Ms N Webber Schedule

19 Pinetown: IAD; Judge Mr W Jacobs Schedule    

Vita Nova: IGP & BH-VT; Judge Mr A Biesman-Simons


East London Breed Show, Judge Mrs L van Loggerenberg 

July 2024 August 2024
6 Highway: Breed Survey; Judge Mr CC Thompson Schedule    
Highway: Puppy Show; Judge Mr CC Thompson Schedule    
Highway: Breed Show; Judge Mr CC Thompson Schedule    
20 & 21 National Breed Committee meeting    
27 & 28 Magalies: Breed Show, 10 Friendly City Breed Show
29 Magalies: BH-VT, Judge Mr RM Thompson, Schedule    
East London: Breed Survey, Judge Mrs Lorraine van Loggerenberg, Schedule    
East London: Breed Show, Judge Mrs Lorraine van Loggerenberg Schedule     
September 2024 October 2024
1 & 2 Centurion Breed Show    
5 - 8 German Sieger Show    
14 & 15 Good Hope Breed Show 12 & 13 National Council Meeting
28 & 29 The Cradle Breed Show 26 & 27 Momenta Breed Show
November 2024 December 2024
2 Algoa Bay Breed Show    
9 & 10 Prestige Breed Show 7 Highway & Heads Up: BH-VT & IGP; Judge Herr E Pertl (SV)
16 National Training Committee Meeting    
23 Mon Ami Breed Show    

Highway: Breed Survey; Judge Herr E Pertl (SV)

30 Highway Breed Show, Judge Herr E Pertl (SV/Austria)